Parents are encouraged to contact the school whenever they want an update on their student's progress.  Because students do not advance in the GradPoint program until they have achieved 80% or better in their coursework, student grades will always be either an A or a B.  Therefore, progress at KBA is measured more by productivity over time.

We expect students to logon everyday Monday through Thursday for 3 hours.  For the purposes of attendance, it makes no difference if the student logs in here at the building or from home.  We always highly encourage the kids to actually come in to the school so they can get help from the Teachers.

STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE AT LEAST 6 LESSONS A DAY TO BE COUNTED AS PRESENT - more is better.  The more work a student does on a daily basis, the faster they will earn their diploma.  A student should complete a class every three weeks.  In addition, students are expected to either work, volunteer or spend 8 hours a week working on elective classes.

It is very easy to get a report on your students attendance and productivity.  Either email Charles at or call at 930-4515.

Students can logon to their GradPoint account by typing 

into their address bar.